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The town of Kayseri, situated in central Turkey, has been famous as a carpet-making center for centuries. Carpets and Kilims of Kayseri are of various types. Silk carpets, artificial silk and wool (floss), natural wool (no dyes), and Bunyan carpets are the major categories produced. Kayseri carpets are woven both at the workshops and in the homes. Weavers usually buy yarn from shops and after finishing their carpet would sell it to the same shop in order to buy more yarn. The Kayseri floss carpets with silk looking yarns in bright colors have found favor with Europeans with their attractive designs. They look very much like silk carpets to foreigners.

The sizes, designs and number of knots are the same as Bunyan carpets, but the large sizes are rather rare.

In the floss carpets chemical dyes are used, because the yarn (floss) can only be dyed with chemicals. Cotton is used as warp and weft and floss is used for the knots. These carpets are considered the masterpieces of Kayseri and as such are sought out by dealers to sell to the foreign trade. Sometimes Kayseri carpets are woven entirely in silk and will have 600,000 to 700,000 knots per square meter.